About Our Fees


Centre Fees

Fee levels are determined by the Centre Budget, which is prepared, by the Nominated Supervisor and the Parent Executive Committee to keep our “Not-for-Profit” Centre operating.


Fee Schedule

Permanent Care
Joeys (6 weeks – 2 years)
$84.00 per day

Wallabies (2 – 3 years)
$81.00 per day

Kangaroos (3 – 5 years)
$78.00 per day

Late Pick-Up Fee
$1.00 per minute

Waitlist Fee

Enrolment Fee

Annual Membership Fee

Fees include: nappies and meals excluding lunch.

Families are asked to provide: a healthy lunch box and sheets for children requiring a sleep


Preferred payment is by Direct Deposit, EFTPOS or Cheque. All cheques should be made payable to Winston Mall Children’s Centre. Please DO NOT leave cheques on an unattended office desk. If you wish to transfer funds by Direct Deposit: BSB 012 478, ACCOUNT NO. 243 306 602. All fees are subject to change at anytime. Notification will be given to all parents.

Fees for all bookings will be charged for the full 50 weeks of the Centre’s operation including absence due to sickness and family holidays. There is no charge for public holidays.

The Parents and Guardians of WMCC are able to apply for either Child Care Benefit and/or the Child Care Rebate. Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs) must be obtained through the Family Assistance Office and recorded on the child’s enrolment form in order for any rebate to be applied.

If fees are in arrears the Centre reserves the right to withdraw service effective immediately. If your family is experiencing financial hardship please contact the Nominated Supervisor to arrange a payment plan. Please see the WMCC Fee Policy for more information.


Giving Notice of Leave

If you are intending to leave the Centre you need to give two weeks notice to the Nominated Supervisor in writing. All accounts need to be up to date before leaving the Centre. This does not apply to children leaving for school the following year who will be charged the full 50 weeks.


Priority of Access

Winston Mall Children’s Centre implements the following priority of access in accordance with Commonwealth Government guidelines:

  1. Workforce participants where a single parent, or both parents, are employed, seeking employment or are studying/training for future employment.
  2. Those children or parents with a continuing disability or incapacity.
  3. Children at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
  4. Parents at home with more than one child below school age and single parent at home.