WMCC Service Philosophy

Our aim is to provide a learning environment that is warm, caring, happy and secure, enabling each child to develop to their fullest potential. This philosophy is engrained in our everyday practices with the belief that all children deserve the right to care, happiness, equality, education and that each child's uniqueness is celebrated.

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In relation to children

The educators of Winston Mall Children's Centre view each child as a whole, encompassing their individual styles and the life experiences they bring, including their cultural background, the family dynamics and economic status. Children are seen as active participants in their learning and are encouraged to explore their environment and engage in socio-cultural learning that can enhance their interests, skills and ideas. Therefore educators provide a nurturing, trusting and secure relationship to support children in developing confidence and a feeling of respect, value and a sense of belonging. Children are seen as capable and confident and are given praise and positive reinforcement to assist their development. The vision of "Being, Belonging and Becoming" is fundamental to the curriculum as children not only meet developmental outcomes…but meet outcomes which reflect a successful future.

In relation to families

Families are considered a child's first teacher, with educators respecting this as they gain knowledge of individual children. Family input is used by educators when creating a learning program in order to embed knowledge within the context of cultural expectations and societal roles. It is important to create a link between the Centre and home environments with educators and families working in partnerships to assist children develop their learning potential.

In relation to the community

Winston Mall Children's Centre recognizes and acknowledges the people of the Dharug nation as the traditional custodian of the land of which the Centre sits. We strive to incorporate Aboriginal Culture through embedding practices in or daily learning and connecting with local Aboriginal community members. We incorporate the local community in our curriculum through our incursions, family participation and social events. We aim to make connections with our local community by participating in walking excursions, to develop social understandings and show appreciation of the people that make up our community.

In relation to colleagues

Each educator's personal teaching philosophies are respected and reflected in the learning program of the Centre. Educators work collaboratively and maintain positive relationships with each other. As educators we continually reflect on our ability to achieve high quality education and care, including principles, theories and practices. This reflection is used to support the philosophy ethics and practices of the service. Winston Mall Children's Centre prides itself on its qualified, caring, passionate and enthusiastic educators.